Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Surprise, Happy 60th Birthday Dad

Jeff and John tiptoed downstairs to surprise their dad as he was working in his office on Friday, noon. They had driven all night from Denver after John picked Jeff up at the airport there as he flew in from Chicago. So nice to have all 3 of my fellas here for a quick weekend. The four of us went golfing here in Sidney for 9 holes and had a great time. A beautiful day and we got lots of exercise to up and down those hills.

Milt preaching Sabbath in one of our churches in Plentywood. Then
after the fellas went for a walk the folks started coming and I finished getting things ready.

Dental tools for you?

Happy 60th birthday honey, we love you!

John,Milt, Jeff and I sang the song "Are You Ready for Jesus to Come"

Milt and Ruthie if front of our home in Mt.
John, Milt and Jeff John, Milt, Ruthie and Jeff
It was great having you home this weekend and thanks to the many of you that sent cards, notes and well wishes for Milton. We had alot of fun in reading the many stories that you wrote about him. He was in awe and loved every minute of the evening. And thanks to our sons who made it such a great event for Milton. We missed you Sara and love you. You can see Jeff boarding the Big Sky airplane. Jonh started driving back when we took Jeff to the airport.
Milt was able to get the GBS for the car and used it in going out to Mass this last week with his brothers for an Alumni Weekend program and singing.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Jacque & Jerry Weiland's surprise visit

August 31, I was working outside in my flowers and Milton came outside and said you need to go around front and see who is here. I said what are you talking about. I walked around the front of the house and this big motor home is pulling up outside across the street with a pickup truck on the back of it. What a surprise...It is Jerry and Jacque Weiland from IL. We had a wonderful time in visiting all afternoon and til late Fri pm and then had Sabbath together. It was fun in catching up and seeing how we all were doing in our lives and new surrondings. Is amazing to see how many ways the Lord has blessed all of our lives and so much fun and exciting to share what has happened. The Lord is so good, all of the time.
Will share some of the fun pictures from our outside church that day in Glendive. It was a perfect day and had fun on a hike and taking some pictures from a very picturesque spot, but Jacque was not sure. You can see your yourself!

Joelle, our new school teacher for Glendive, singing with 4 of her students in a song for special music for church at the park.

The Glendive Church group enjoying SS and church in the outside at Makoshika Park .

Milton, Ruthie, Jacque and Jerry taking a hike on Sabbath aft to enjoy the sights of the park

Jacque was not too eager to step out there on that rock that Jerry was on, and very fearful of heights, and she said I am not going to look down. We felt on top of the world there!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Halvorsen Reunion, July 6-8, 2007

Five of the great Halvorsen's
Our happy aunts, uncles, mom's and dad's

Happy Birthday Aunt Ruby, we love you

Good kitchen workers after our Sabbath dinner. Thanks. Mom, Mary Jane and Sara.

Susan and Jim joining in on the singing

Van and Betty Jane playing for us for our singing times

Terri, Aunt Ruby and Dick looking at pictures and sharing stories along with Mom, Jeff and Sara on Sabbath afternoon.

The little boy and girl quilt made for Pennie

Nancy and I worked on this alot of hours in one week but we together got it finished for the going away "Ice Cream Social Night" at the church. It is beautiful Nancy, and we loved making it for you, Pennie. Milton and her husband Johnny helped some to. Thanks for your decisions and your colorful choices.
Each little girl and boy were completely different in color for outfit and hats. Each representing one of the students that Pennie taught while here in Glendive for 4 years. We will miss them! This little girl reminded me of Miranda! This little boy in the red and blue outfit reminded us of Alex, her son.

All kinds of flavors of ice cream, toppings and cookies for your tastebuds

Burt, Pennie, Miranda, and Alex Wredberg

Monday, August 13, 2007

Roosevelt Park, North Side

What a fun and beautiful afternoon we had here in hiking, picnicing, and seeing the buffalo's!

Taking a hike up around, and through these hills

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the

antelope play...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Coleman & Mom's home in Pa

Randy, Mary Jane, and I traveled from Collegedale, Tn to Montoursville, Pa in 10 hrs and it was a good trip. I don't like Rt 81 as very busy road and too many trucks but nice to get in the mts and see all the green. Mom has alot of trees all around her yard and I counted 21 tall tall trees out in their back yard. Next door is a park like area and very pretty with alot of flowers and the man that takes care of it even has his potatoes and squash growing in there. We arrived on June 26, and MJ and Randy were there for 2 days and went onto their friends in Canada and then to Randy's folks place before meeting up with them again in Mi for the Halvorsen Reunion. So I got to enjoy Mom and Coleman's company for 10 days and we had a good time together, in Pa.
Mom working away in her flower beds, look at all the shade they can enjoy in Pa!

Janet's cabin on the creek on the left, Coleman's cabin that had a fire this summer, and then Art's new truck just a few weeks old.

Mom and Coleman going into their Williamsport Church, the one that they were married in almost 12 years ago come Sept. Looking good you two!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ski-doing anyone?

Ryan enjoying his skido for the first time this summer. Alot of jumping in the waves of their boat and having a good time and cooling off in the water. The air temp was 94 and the water felt wonderful. Then Randy and Mary Jane took their turn at the skido.

Randy enjoying his noodles

This is the good life. Who let this gal behind the wheel?

Randy and Mary Jane enjoying yet another day of summer time